Painkiller relieves the emotional pain too

They had a reason, which was frustrating, which is exactly what we wanted, Webster said. We wanted to give them the feeling of being ostracized. Continue reading

Small number of cases per year in the U.S. Leading Surgeons radical prostatectomy

Written by Contributing Editor Christopher P. Evans, MD, FACS Continue reading

Obama has re-appointed CMS administrator Berwick to the Senate confirms

However, the use of the nomination of Obama, of course, drawn sharp criticism from Republicans and some Democrats . A White House adviser said Monday that the Senate would provide compensation for Berwick from Berwick, which may remain indefinitely as CMS administrator . Continue reading

FDA expands use of drugs against leukemia

Of the 25,000 new leukemia cases expected this year in the United States, acute lymphoblastic leukemia accounts for about 2,500 cases in 4000 children and adults, according to the FDA. Continue reading

Surprising effect of the economic recession on the health of the population

If we recognize that economic growth can not be good for our health, then we can consider ways to curb the excesses of wealth . and the redistribution of national resources through social spending for the common good, says Dr . Bezruchka. Continue reading

Innovative digital technologies to help specialists in the anatomic reconstruction

Techniques for using digital technology to separate the Siamese, the development of facial prostheses and the acquisition of data from anthropological samples will be among the topics presented at a symposium sponsored by the American Association of Anatomists, April 28. The conference is part of the Experimental Biology 2010 conference will be held 24 to 28 April 2010 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Continue reading

Research on testosterone levels and risk-taking among young people Find Man Woman Be careful not Start

When skateboarders attempt to things, to make a decision whether to abort the fraction of a second make-up or try to land on the basis of a mid-air and the likelihood of success on the physical costs that bankruptcy could be made. It was now researchers have sought to examine because it resembles the type of risky decisions that young people do when driving a car or in case of physical fights with others. Continue reading

Biologists use mathematics to advance our understanding of health and disease

Tyson and other biologists want to know how a bunch of molecules can understand how a cell should respond to its environment to survive, grow and reproduce. So we do what any good engineer would do. We create a mathematical model of the components and their interactions, and let the computer work out the details. Continue reading

U. S. is the world leader in the use of illicit drugs

The use of marijuana has been more widely reported worldwide, and the United States also had the highest utilization rate of 42.4 percent against 41.9 percent of New Zealanders. Continue reading

Fewer sugary drinks, less high-pressure

The improvement was recorded in a group of elderly people whose consumption of departure was well below the average consumption of the United States of 2.3 servings of sweetened beverages a day, Chen said. Continue reading