The divorce of parents linked to suicidal thoughts

Explanations of why men are more negatively affected by parental divorce are many. However, researchers believe it could be due to the absence of close contact with a father that can occur after a divorce. Previous studies have linked the loss of his father-figures with adverse outcomes of development in boys. Continue reading

Report: Vermont has been the healthiest

Vermont was also a leader in 2007. During the past years, states have the largest improvement in general health score is in Arkansas, New Mexico, Kentucky, Texas and Montana showed no improvement. Continue reading

Study examines the variability of the sex appeal of men indices

Monitoring and remember the emotions of a partner can play a role in the initiation and maintenance of a serious relationship romantic, said lead author Teresa Treat, a psychologist in Liberal Arts and Science College IU. Likewise, misremembering a woman’s level of sexual interest could prompt some men to make sexual advances and frustrated when a woman does not respond as expected. Continue reading

“OMG!” Because cellular conversations are so boring

SOURCE: Association for Psychological Science, news release, September 2010 Continue reading

Director of Oral Health for Diabetics IDF covered by the PAA

‘Everyone should keep your teeth and gums to prevent gum disease, but people with diabetes should pay special attention,’ said Samuel Low, DDS, MS, associate dean and professor of periodontology at the University of Florida College of Dentistry , and president of the American Academy of Periodontology . ‘Periodontal disease triggers an inflammatory response of the body that can affect insulin sensitivity and ultimately lead to unhealthy behaviors in their blood sugar levels. Establish periodontal care routine is a way to help keep diabetes under control . ‘ Continue reading

Study finds possible explanation for the link between infertility and the risk of breast / ovarian

During the study, Dr. Oktay’s team has performed ovarian stimulation in 126 women for fertility preservation by cryopreservation of embryos or oocytes. Continue reading

When life is tough, self-pity can help

After all, if a friend would not call it a loser, why would you dump that label on you? Given the failure Continue reading

Does Your Neighborhood affect your weight?

Overall, the researchers found that community residents reported very walkable in about twice a week walking that residents of communities with limited walking ability . For example, walking to work and walk the races were much more likely in communities where there was no viable commercial structures nearby. Continue reading

Fish oil helped prevent psychosis patients in the study

In their report, published in the February issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, the study authors also noted that patients taking fish oil capsules have fewer symptoms of psychosis and better functioning of those who took placebo. Continue reading

In patients with refractory partial seizures and secondarily generalized, deep brain stimulation reduces seizures

‘We found that bilateral DBS of the ANT reduces the frequency of seizures in patients unresponsive to other treatments,’ said Dr. Fisher. HEALTH The research team noted improvements in some participants who previously were not helped by multiple AEDs, vagus nerve stimulation or epilepsy surgery. ‘Although our study did not produce serious complications, DBS therapy is invasive and serious complications can occur,’ Dr. Fisher warned. ‘Other clinical knowledge would help to determine the best candidates for DBS therapy and establish ideal stimulation parameters Continue reading

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