Mount the doctors more likely to encourage patients to exercise

I am a strong supporter of the doctors who practice what they preach, and I think that this study illustrates the concept because it is based on objective medical markers of health, said Lobel, a health scientist with the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Continue reading

Baby Teeth Cavities on the rise

The report shows that about 28 percent of American children aged 2-5 have cavities in baby teeth. This represents an increase of about 24 percent for almost a decade ago. Continue reading

Study examines the variability of the sex appeal of men indices

Monitoring and remember the emotions of a partner can play a role in the initiation and maintenance of a serious relationship romantic, said lead author Teresa Treat, a psychologist in Liberal Arts and Science College IU. Likewise, misremembering a woman’s level of sexual interest could prompt some men to make sexual advances and frustrated when a woman does not respond as expected. Continue reading

When life is tough, self-pity can help

After all, if a friend would not call it a loser, why would you dump that label on you? Given the failure Continue reading

Does Your Neighborhood affect your weight?

Overall, the researchers found that community residents reported very walkable in about twice a week walking that residents of communities with limited walking ability . For example, walking to work and walk the races were much more likely in communities where there was no viable commercial structures nearby. Continue reading

In patients with refractory partial seizures and secondarily generalized, deep brain stimulation reduces seizures

‘We found that bilateral DBS of the ANT reduces the frequency of seizures in patients unresponsive to other treatments,’ said Dr. Fisher. HEALTH The research team noted improvements in some participants who previously were not helped by multiple AEDs, vagus nerve stimulation or epilepsy surgery. ‘Although our study did not produce serious complications, DBS therapy is invasive and serious complications can occur,’ Dr. Fisher warned. ‘Other clinical knowledge would help to determine the best candidates for DBS therapy and establish ideal stimulation parameters Continue reading

More than 9000 cases of cholera in Haiti, with tens of thousands more likely to come

The growing number of cases of suspected cholera in our facilities around Port-au-Prince are certainly alarming. Cholera is a disease highly treatable and preventable, especially when symptomatic patients are treated in a controlled and isolated as CTC. The presence of CTC in areas affected by cholera can relieve the pressure on local hospitals and health facilities, reducing the risk of infection in pre-existing hospital and the wider community. Continue reading

Dark Chocolate May Ease Diarrhea

D., a researcher at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, a press release. Ultimately, this discovery could lead to the development of natural treatments that are inexpensive, easy to access and are unlikely to have side effects. Dark chocolate for diarrhea? Continue reading

Cardiac patients who practice Transcendental Meditation have rates of almost 50% less heart attacks, strokes and death

- Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. Continue reading

Nuclear pores on the mechanisms of the Assembly in the various phases of cell cycle

Now a team of researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies has highlighted major differences in the mechanisms underlying nuclear pores formed at two different times of the cell cycle. Their findings will be published in the June 12 issue of Cell, may indicate such conditions, developmental defects, and cardiac arrest. Continue reading