Every Breath You Take …… New monitor can know in advance Vital cardiac arrest

Counter respiR8 feet breath is being developed by a small team of scientists in medical research and development based in Surrey called Anaxsys technology and is now marketed in hospitals in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Holland, Germany and Spain. The device, which operates on the simple principle to measure the water in a breath of patients, was developed through an initial grant of the Technology Strategy Board support of the government. He recently received the CE mark – European conformity and compliance standards, which now opens the way for the company to develop its market in Europe and further develop as a business, because it sets eyes on Japan by the end of the year and the United States next year. Continue reading

Hundreds of genes that can distinguish patients survive advanced melanoma

The prognosis is worse when the tumor extends generally deep into the skin. In Phase III, melanoma generally spread beyond the skin to the lymph nodes draining the tumor, and survival rate at five years starts dipping below 69 %. Continue reading

“OMG!” Because cellular conversations are so boring

SOURCE: Association for Psychological Science, news release, September 2010 Continue reading

Eating quickly is associated with hyperphagia

Other researchers are working on the study include Kleopatra Alexiadou, Nicolas Tentolouris, Despina Kyriaki, and Nicholas Despoina Perrea Katsilambros Athens University Medical School, Greece, and Carel Le Roux, Royce Vincent, Mohammad Ghatei and Stephen Bloom of Imperial College London, the United Kingdom. Continue reading

Small number of cases per year in the U.S. Leading Surgeons radical prostatectomy

Written by Contributing Editor Christopher P. UroToday.com Evans, MD, FACS Continue reading

Marijuana damages DNA and can cause cancer, a new test shows

Using a new highly sensitive test, scientists in Europe report ‘overwhelming evidence’ that marijuana damages the DNA genetic material in a way that could increase the risk of cancer. Continue reading

Vitamin A does not reduce maternal mortality, study shows

A total of 544 groups were randomized to vitamin A group and 542 were assigned to placebo. In the final analysis, there was no statistically significant difference between intervention and control groups – there were 39 601 pregnancies and 138 deaths related to vitamin A supplementation group compared to 39 234 148 pregnancies and pregnancy deaths in the placebo group . 1326 women died in 292560 years and women in the vitamin A group than 1298 deaths in 289310 years and women in the placebo group . Continue reading

Novel gene therapy shows that the compensation of the toxic protein inside the cells of the brain prevents the formation of plaque outside neurons

Moussa has documented a link between Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease , and Down syndrome and found that these disorders have in common is an accumulation of beta-amyloid. People with Down syndrome to produce too much amyloid protein have three copies of chromosome that generates amyloid. They have too much because amyloid in the brain, says Moussa. Continue reading

‘Keyhole’ surgery effective for colon cancer

There are new weapons in the fight against cancer of the colon and rectum. Know them. Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed WebMD Cancer. Continue reading

No water pipes safer than cigarettes

The results of [this study] are important because they provide concrete scientific evidence that contradicts the myth repeatedly that smoking water pipes does not allow users to inhale the same harmful chemicals that smokers do, principal investigator Thomas Eissenberg, a professor in the department of psychology Virginia Commonwealth University, said in a statement of new universities. Continue reading