First steps to protect the knees and prevent problems

Pounds increase pressure on the knee, said Dr. William J. Bryan, an orthopedic surgeon at Methodist Sports Medicine Center in Houston.Insoles can also help protect the knees. The knees may be subject to excessive stress, if the shoes don t give you a stable base as you walk. Many patients a dramatic reduction of knee pain after orthotics or footwear specifically to meet their feet, according to Bryan.

Adolescents with severe obesity may be unwilling or may qualify for bariatric surgery. However, half of primary care physicians say that I would not recommend the procedure for a patient of 18 years, according to a study published in Obesity Surgery.

Protect your knees when you re young people can help prevent serious problems such as arthritis and the need for knee replacement when you re older, an expert advises.

The U. S. National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin have more knee problems.

In terms of exercise, low-impact activities like swimming and cycling are better for your knees as high-impact workouts like running or aerobics. Have a good basic strength also helps protect the knees, said Bryan.

If you have a solid core, you can better position the foot or knee to avoid damage. This is true if you’re exercising or everyday activities such as out of the car and down the stairs, Bryan said in the press release.

The weight loss is 70 % and 30 % of exercising power, he said. If you think you can eat the same thing and to exercise the pounds away, you’re wrong. You must change your attitude to the fridge for weight loss occurs, he said.