Every Breath You Take …… New monitor can know in advance Vital cardiac arrest

Counter respiR8 feet breath is being developed by a small team of scientists in medical research and development based in Surrey called Anaxsys technology and is now marketed in hospitals in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Holland, Germany and Spain. The device, which operates on the simple principle to measure the water in a breath of patients, was developed through an initial grant of the Technology Strategy Board support of the government. He recently received the CE mark – European conformity and compliance standards, which now opens the way for the company to develop its market in Europe and further develop as a business, because it sets eyes on Japan by the end of the year and the United States next year.Deryk Williams, founder and CEO of Anaxsys Technology, based in Send, Woking, said: ‘The respiratory rate is considered one of the most important ways to measure the patient’s general condition, but are currently one of the least monitored – mainly due to the lack of products on the market. ‘

A revolutionary medical monitoring device can detect up to 45 minutes before it happens in a patient in the hospital has received the European seal of approval.

‘We are so happy to be able to demonstrate that the support of government organizations like the Technology Strategy Board made a difference. Opens the door to funding for small companies like ours to develop and grow. – That in the economic climate is now more important than ever ‘

In addition to flying the flag for British companies in Europe and be an ambassador for the United Kingdom innovation, almost nine Anaxsys created new jobs at its headquarters in Surrey and its research and production laboratory Keele, Staffordshire. And marketing respiR8 directly created three new positions within the company works provider.

Deryk said: ‘Innovation is essential in the NHS to help giant strides in patient care and safety – but it takes to turn research and development funding.’

Anaxsys has already appointed a distributor in Europe, seems more like a field for the Far East and the United States to other potential markets. Successful return on the hospital version of the screen will then be reinvested in the production of a friendly ambulance version. The company has already started working on a prototype after receiving a grant of 100 000 Strategic Health Authority in eastern England and Middle England RDA.

Last month, a report released by the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Society difficult intubation has been shown that the routine monitoring of breathing can reduce deaths in intensive care. The most important finding was that the absence of a monitor respiratory have contributed to 74 percent of respiratory-related deaths.

‘We started working on developing a more robust product and portable -. One that can be tied around the wrist or ankle of a patient, is battery powered and therefore could easily be linked to patients trapped in buildings or in road accidents ‘Deryk said.

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